Newtex water based whites

Newtex White

All the white colors of the Newtex series are textile screen printing inks especially developed for the application with a carousel engine. They are therefore very stable even in case of high room temperature and with IR drying units. The various Newtex whites neither dry up nor do they block the mesh, getting very good results where the print of small details is needed. They can be mixed up together to reach the required final features.
There are different kinds of Newtex whites to meet the specific needs of the customers and of the fabrics to be printed.

Newtex White TRP-02

It is the most coating paint of the Dynachrom Whites range. It has a great printability and is perfect for applications on non-elastic fabrics as it is basically quite stiff. Once dry it has a very opaque surface to be easily overprinted with the Newtex products.

Newtex White 500

Soft and elastic white with a good opacity  coprenza but less than TRP-02. This white for screen print is fit for the jersey and plush fabrics with a silky and soft touch for the carousel engines with intermediate drying.
Newtex White 522
It’s the softest and most flexible white among the Newtex range. It has been developed for cotton and has an exceptional printability along with a balanced drying speed under drying unit. Once polymerized, the White 522 has an opaque look, very soft. It is particularly fit for the print on elastic jersey fabrics.


Newtex Superflex White


This white has specific elastic properties for applications on Lycra and Lycra blend. Besides offering a good elasticity and opacity coprenza, it also offers a very good shape memory that prevents deformation even if the item is repeatedly pulled.