Dynachrom pigment dispenser

Dynachrom pigment dispenserDYNACHROM PIGMENT DISPENSER

We are glad to show you our new dispenser case for the Dynachrom water based concentrated pigments for the textile screen printing. It has been designed and developed by Dynachrom for a clean and professional management of the color-matching  dpt.
The Dynachrom dispenser case is equipped with an engine (220 Volt), in compliance with CE regulations, provided with 14 pots, 4 kgs each (one for each dye) of our  water based concentrated pigments  Cromatex HD-10 range, as shown in the picture. This system allows a clean and faster management up to 15 different pigments thus saving time in measuring them for the print paste and reducing material waste as well. With the addition of 2 more potholder bars the dispenser can hold up to 25 pots, 4 kg each.
The integrated pigment stirrer device (with inner nylon fan) works immediately upon putting the pot in its place so that the product is always homogeneous and steady in order to avoid printing problems due to agglomerates of dried product.
By turning on the system all the pigments are deeply mixed for 15 minutes.

vaso pigment dispenser

The elastomeric gasket inside prevents the pigment from drying. An easy  lip-spout regulation with a button on the handle worked by the pressure of one’s thumb enables to measure the concentrated pigment with a 0.1 grams precision.



is including: Dynachrom Dispenser, CE standard motorized (220 Volt) equipped with 13 for 4Kg Cans (one per colour) of our CROMATEX HD10 concentrated pigments for textile printing (see the photo here by side). Usually the machinery is upplied with 4 can-stand bar( instead 3 you can see in the photo).

The system allows a quick and clean handling 20 different pigments, making possible a very high time saving when dosing them for the printing pastes and, reducing the waste of material.Adding one more can-stand bars (an operation requiring about 5 minutes of work and which can be done after the purchasing as well)

versamento con tappo dosatore pigment dispenser

the dispenser is able to hold up to maximum 25 4Kg cans in all.

The integrated pigment dispersion device on the cans cap 

(stopper) (with internal nylon mixing blade starts working as

soon as the can is inserted in its seat and it allows to work

always with a perfectly homogeneous and constant product in order to avoid printing problems due to dry pigment agglomerates formation.

An elastomer gasket secures the pigment has not the possibility to dry up and, an easy pouring spout control system, through a special button placed on the handle, permits to dose the concentrated pigment with a precision which allows to pour out even 0.1g drops.