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The PULSE company, located in Bristol, UK, is specialized in the production of offset and flexo varnishes and inks for high quality labels industry. The Pulse range of products is able to meet all the requirements and needs of those who produce roll-to-roll labels using the flexo technology. 

Pulse is a producer of innovative UV Flexo inks and varnishes available in different lines.

UV Flexo inks SG FLEXWRAP line

Flexo inks, UV crosslinking for applications on thermotightening films and on adhesive films and papers. This ink line is perfect for precious labels for packaging. It has excellent solidity during production, a very good color performance, the surface can be hot printed. Very easy to use.

UV Flexo inks low odour BB line

Low odour inks for specific labels applications on paper and adhesive films for the precious labels sector. This series is available in four-color printing and base Pantone colors to be used with the formula books.

UV Flexo inks low migration, SLM line for flexible materials

Very low migration inks complying with EUPIA regulations for applications on films for packaging and film for decoration and  for labels for food packaging as well as for WRAP and SLEEVE technology packaging. These products are available in four-color printing and base Pantone colors. They are very elastic, adhesive and have a very good color performance.


Protection inks and Primers, all UV crosslinking, to be used with the Flexo technology. These products have been designed for use together with the HP Indigo, Xeikon etc digital printers that are quite common in the roll to roll labels sector.
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